Welcome to 8th Grade Pre-Algebra.

Welcome To My Class,
I would like to welcome you to the 2014-2015 school year.  It is my pleasure to welcome you to my math class.  In the 8th grade “Pre-Algebra” curriculum the students will reenforce concepts from “Course 2” such and proportionality and rational numbers and then move on to more advanced concepts in functions, linear equations, geometry and statistics.
In order to make this a successful year for all students I am asking for your support.  Review the class rules and procedures on this website with your child.  In addition to the class website, please take the time to utilize the school website.  You will find helpful links to many resources such as the Broward Schools home page and the Pinnacle Parent Viewer.  I encourage you to use Pinnacle to check your child’s grades and assignments often.

Classroom Rules
Be seated and prepared to work when the bell rings.
Remain in your seats unless you are given permission to do otherwise.
Raise your hand if you have a question and wait to be called on.  Do not shout or call out.
Treat classmates, all equipment, and the teacher with respect.
No gum, food, or drinks are allowed in the classroom at anytime.

Your grades will be based on your daily class work, homework, notes, chapter quizzes, chapter tests and projects.  Remember math is an analytical process that demands a solid foundation, you MUST keep up with your daily work and homework in order to succeed.  If you don’t do the homework, you will have difficulty with test.  It is also very important that you show ALL work when completing math assignments.

The breakdown of grades are as follows:

Homework/Classwork             50%
Test/Quizzes                            50%

All students are expected to turn in all homework, classwork and Q.E.D’s daily to receive a grade for the work.

Textbook Rules

We are fortunate to start this with a new textbook. Textbook are now a consumable resource instead of a hard cover book that needs to be returned at the end of the year.  However, there is no longer a classroom set so students are responsible to have the needed modules for classroom participation.  The pages are perforated and can be removed and put in a folder so students are not required to carry the complete book back and fourth from school and residence.  In addition to the consumable book, all resources are also available online accessible through BEEP.
Supplies needed are as follows:
2 two-pocket folders, one to take back and forth from school to home and one to keep in class
A composition book for notes & vocabulary.
#2 pencils
A brightly colored pen for corrections on work
A pencil sharpener
A four function calculator
Loose leaf paper, and graph paper
In addition students will need access to a 12” ruler, a compass, a protractor and a computer at home.

The classroom would appreciate any donations of paper (computer, or tissue).
You have 2 days for every one day you are absent to make up work (excused absences only, suspensions are NOT excused).  It is YOUR responsibility to remember to hand in work from absences on time!!  Check the class website to see what you missed, it is updated daily.  In addition, you may see me during class (the beginning of class, end of class or during independent work time) to find out that information as well and to get any handouts needed.

Online Resources (Edmodo)
This year students will use Edmodo for classroom support.  All homework and classwork assignments will be on the website along with any notes.  Students will be asked to create an Edmodo account if they do not already have one.  When creating the account make sure the students full name will be used for a user name and their student number will need to be used for the password.  Parents are encouraged to check Edmodo to see how student are doing in class.

There is no talking allowed in class.  If you have a question please raise your hand and wait to be called.  All work is done independently and no working in groups.
Class will begin with a 5 minute “Q.E.D” on the board.  You need to be seated and working on this when class begins.
After completing the “Q.E.D”, we will check and review the homework from the night before.
Next, we will begin the lesson for the day!!  I expect all of you to remain in your seats during note taking time with your complete attention.
The bathrooms are very close to my portable.  Therefore you need to go before class begins.  If you have an emergency during class, please try and wait until independent work time to get a pass to the restrooms. *I will monitor pass usage…if you are frequently asking for passes, your pass privilege will be taken away.
If you come to class late without a pass, you will have an un-excused tardy.
My Tardy Policy is as follows:
1st Tardy = Warning
2nd Tardy = Morning Detention
3rd Tardy = 2 Morning Detentions
4th Tardy = Administration Detention
Movement will be allowed USUALLY during independent work time and only if permission is given (please raise your hand to ask).  Please listen for class instructions concerning times it may NOT be appropriate (such as quizzes or tests).
Movement in the class is NOT appropriate during instruction time (Note taking time or Lecture).
Talking of any nature, looking at another person’s desk, or going into your book bag are prohibited during tests and quizzes!!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you for your assistance and I look forward to a very exciting year.
Mr. Torres

Welcome to the STEM Enrichment!

I am Mr. Torres and I am excited to welcome you to the Indian Ridge Middle School STEM Enrichment class.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, in this enrichment class students will be introduced to many engineering disciplines as well as reinforce science and mathematics skills outside of “core” classrooms.  I look forward to an exciting year of developing new knowledge.

Computer lab rules
No disruptive behavior
See Classroom Rules for specific items.
No cheating and/or plagiarism
This applies to quizzes, tests and lab assignments.
No intentionally wasting resources
This includes items such as excessive printing, playing games,
music, or videos during work time.
No intentionally damaging any school technology equipment
This includes chairs.
Any intentional damage done to computer equipment will result in
disciplinary action and possible restitution.
Students must report any damaged equipment immediately so that they
will not be held responsible.
No using obscene language (Written or spoken)
No use or display of racist or sexually explicit pictures or words.
No violation of copyright laws.
Never insert any object into a computer.
Never turn off another students computer while they are working.
Never use the computer to capture another students image or edit that image without his or her permission.
Never use class resources for home or personal use on the Internet.
No opening of programs that the student has not been instructed to open.
Violation of these rules will result in a loss of computer privileges in this lab. Disciplinary action may be imposed as well.
Classroom Rules
Be seated and prepared to work when the bell rings.
Remain in your seats unless you are given permission to do otherwise.
Raise your hand if you have a question and wait to be called on.  Do not shout or call out.
Treat classmates, all computer equipment, and the teacher with respect.
No gum, food, or drinks are allowed in the classroom at anytime.