Hello, welcome to my Course 2 Mathematics class website.

Math is everywhere, there’s no way to escape it.  In fact, the best idea is to embrace math, learn to work with math and make math work for you instead of against you.

Hello and welcome to the website for Mr. Torres’s 7th grade math class at Indian Ridge Middle School.

The new school year starts with a review of basics so that everyone is on a level playing field despite previous math experience.  Students will need to have 2 two-pocket folders, plenty of #2 pencils, A brightly colored pen for corrections, a pencil sharpener, a 4 function calculator, and composition book for notes and loose leaf & graph paper.  Additional supplies include imagination, creativity, ability to follow directions, and eye for detail and all the effort our students can afford.
Please note: I will welcome any donations pencils, red pens, duo-tang folders and loose leaf paper (Or facial tissue) for our classroom.

From this site parents and students will be able to see what is taught in class, as well as a resource to help students keep up when absent.  Please make sure to come back often and feel free to contact me by utilizing the link to the right.
Thank You,
Mr. Torres