Assignments for 01.21.2015

We talked about Computer Program Languages yesterday, we only discussed a few but there are many that have been used in the past and are still used today. Today I want you to research any computer language you would like to learn more about. After you have done your research, I want you to write an informative essay about the language you chose. The essay must be at least two paragraphs long and include information about the languages history, developers, and how it’s used.

Do the essay in Google Docs and name the file with the following naming convention: class period, last name, first name followed by InfoEssay. So if you are Jeff Smith in 4th period you would name your essay 4SmithJeffInfoEssay. Use the typing essay rules in your planner when formatting the essay.

The essay will be due Friday January 23rd. I will post a form on Friday for you to submit with your essay

Assignments for 01.16.2015

Take some time to get a jump on Current Events. The directions and form are attached to the homepage on my website. Also take a moment to check Pinnacle to see if you are missing anything yet this quarter. If you get done early you may explore Engineering Games or xkcd to find something productive to do for the rest of class. Please, no time wasters like The Impossible Quiz.
I put a link on Edmodo to a coding game you may want to try. It uses Python to play a game and learn to code. It does use sound so lower the volume or use headphones/earbuds.

Assignments for 01.13.2015

“What If” Reading. Go to the XKCD web-comic page and browse through the What If section. Find a page with a question you would like to know the answer to and read the page. After you have read the page follow the link below and answer the questions in the form. You man NOT do the questions we watched in the video this week, if you do you will get a zero. You must follow the instructions in the form correctly to receive full credit for this assignment.
When you have completed the assignment you may explore the Engineering Games website (with the exception of the pointless time-waisters like “The Imposable Quiz”).